Resume Coaching

Impact Resume Coaching

The goal in this session is to craft a document that will showcase what you bring to a team and how you create impact within an organization. This session will create a resume or portfolio to help you shine professionally, highlight your skills, and articulate why you'd make an inspired hire.

Whether you already have written your resume, or need help crafting a new one, together we will hone in on your career objectives and focus your job search approach.

Below are additional details for each offering, so you can choose which is best for you.


  • Review of your resume
  • Review of LinkedIn bio

This session includes light editing and proofing of your existing materials and provides a professional's expertise and insight about your current details. Upon review, we will share suggestions for you to incorporate into your job search and interviews.

This session will take approximately 1-3 hours depending on the length and condition of existing content, and how many rounds of revisions you request.


If you do not have a resume or you're struggling to gain traction with your current one you may need to start from scratch.

Your resume is a potential employer’s first glimpse of your brand, so let’s create a document that is a marketing tool for you, that paints a more comprehensive picture of you, your skills, your accomplishments, and your culture fit.

This option includes:

  • An in-depth interview to understand your objectives and career goals.
  • A resume rewrite by a professional resume writer.
  • Adaptation of the new content to your LinkedIn Profile.

We will rely on you to provide accurate titles, dates of employment, accomplishments, and success metrics so we can focus on your skills and the gifts you bring to an organization.

This option will take approximately 4-8 hours depending on existing content, and rounds of revisions you request.

Portfolio Review

  • In-depth review of the structure and content of your portfolio.
  • 1-3 hours depending on portfolio size

All sessions are $95.00 per hour. An estimate will be provided upon review.

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