Are you looking to level-up your interview skills? Do you want to make waves with your resume or simply figure out what to do next?

We offer three personalized coaching services tailor-made just for you. We will be with you every step of the way supporting you to accomplish your career goals through actionable plans and professional guidance. 

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Impact Resume Coaching

Per hour

Whether your resume is ready to go or you need help crafting a new one, together we will dig deep into your job search approach, your achievements, and your objectives. In this session, we’ll review your personal branding and any applicable work/portfolios. Three available options: * Light edit & proofing: 1-3 hours * Full re-write/revamp of resume and bio: 4-8 hours * Portfolio Review: 1-3 hours depending on the portfolio content All sessions are $95.00 per hour

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Impress Interview Coaching

Flat Fee

A steller resume is the first step in your job search and the interview is the apex of the process. This 90-minute session helps prepare you for a video or an in-person interview and incorporates tools, mindset, public speaking, and presentation skills by utilizing both theoretical as well as practical methodologies. An interactive mock interview will prepare you for the real event and you'll walk away with strong communication practices that will benefit your interactions.

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Inspire Career Coaching

per each session

Our comprehensive career coaching is a series of three interactive sessions designed to help you articulate who you are and what makes you an inspired hire. Each customized session is based on your needs and will help you discover your strengths, focus on your goals, and thrive in your next career. Whether you are mid-career transition, looking for your next opportunity, or feeling stuck, these sessions take you through a process to evaluate what is important, why you do what you do and how to go about achieving it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are sessions conducted?

All sessions are via Zoom with video. We will send the link and any prework ahead of time. If you haven't used Zoom, you can access and sign up for free.

What do I need to prepare ahead of time?

Based on our initial consultation call, we will determine whether any prework will be necessary.

What is the length of engagement for each session?

A typical resume engagement is dependent on your career objectives, the current state of your resume, portfolio, or job search efforts to date. This is conducted on an hourly basis and you get to specify how much assistance you need. We will provide you an estimate ahead of time. The INSPIRE Coaching session is based on three sessions. Each session will be approximately 2-3 hours depending on your needs and schedule.

How will I be assigned a coach?

We will assign you to a coach based on the needs you outline in the consultation session as well as based on the responses in the Inspired Questionnaire (IQ) which will be shared after the complimentary consultation session.

What if I find a job mid-way through a session?

We will be thrilled for you! You'll only pay for the sessions you've completed. Additional options include applying the remainder of your session to helping you with salary negotiations or coaching you during your onboarding.

Do you work with candidates outside of the U.S.?

Our expertise is in the U.S. job market within the creative, digital, and marketing industries. If you are an overseas candidate who is moving to the U.S. we'd be happy to consult with you.

Is there a contract?

These are pay-as-you-go sessions. If you no longer wish to continue, just let us know. Once you've determined the services you are interested in, we will provide you a project scope.

What is your refund policy?

Our services are pay-as-you-go. If a specific session isn't what you expected let us know within the first 30 minutes and we will refund it. Any prework and research time for a resume re-write is not refundable.

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