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Check out our article on the pre-interview interview to create your own video and add it to your resume profile page.

Remote Interviews

10 Questions You Should Know When Interviewing for Remote Work

Job interviews can be quite nerve-wracking, considering you want to make a good first impression. However, job interviews don’t have to induce an unnecessary amount of anxiety if you take the time to prepare for them.  Practicing interview questions will allow you to anticipate what an interviewer may ask and will ensure that you have […]

Time to Hire a Career Coach?

When you think of a coach, you might think of someone with a headset on the sidelines of a field, with the job of guiding the plays, not making them. How fast players run or how many points the team scores is ultimately up to the players. While the coach will draw up and give […]

Highlighting ROI On Your Resume

Curating a resume is essentially the same as writing a successful sales pitch. It must show proof of past success, it must capture the reader’s attention, and most importantly, it must convince the employer that you will be a return on investment. And like any product you hope to sell, the audience must be convinced […]

Core Values: Why They Matter in your Job Search 

We are guided by an internal compass, a moral code rather, that defines the decisions we make, the ways we interact, and the way we carry ourselves. Companies abide by their own versions of this, their own set of values.  When looking to further your career with a new company, it is important to ask, […]

How to Master Your Video Interview 

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended every aspect of our normal lives, but nothing more obvious than the way in which our jobs function. The shift to WFH (working from home) has inspired many companies to embrace a remote work environment and has also greatly changed the recruiting process. As social distancing becomes the norm, so […]

Group Video Interviews: How to Standout from the Crowd 

The recruiting process is shifting amidst the global pandemic, making video calls the norm for interviews. However, this also makes it easier to conduct the dreaded group interview, allowing candidates and interviewers in different places to come together easily on one platform. This might mean being interviewed by a panel or this might mean being […]

Design the Perfect Resume

Designing the Perfect Resume

The content of your resume is massively important, and so is its design. When designing your resume, the main goal is to create a document that can be read quickly and easily by both humans and robots.  Create a resume for ATS (Applicant Tracking System): Applicant tracking systems allow for a more efficient, although not […]

Building a Personal Brand

Searching for a job is an attempt at marketing yourself. Think of yourself as a product you aim to promote and your skills and experience as the reason someone needs to buy that product. Analogies aside, building an impactful resume means branding yourself and marketing it to the right audience. Use the correct tone: Like […]

The Pre-Interview Interview

Its an art to be able to interview yourself and showcase your personality in a quick video. A video presentation is a great tool to allow a hiring manager to get to know you in your own words. Here are a few tips to get ready beforehand you hit record. Relax: shake off any jitters, […]

Tips for Updating Your Resume

Whether you are making a career transition or are on the hunt for a new job, giving your resume a quick overhaul is very beneficial. A resume is a crucial first impression, and as cliche as it may sound, a first impression can make or break your chances for an interview. Therefore, it never hurts […]

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